I'm trying to verify my purchase but your system didnt work.

I was trying to quickly verifiy myself within the 5-30 mins time frame but your system couldn't scam my face right , and the manual upload was buggy for me.
I sent in a ticket with a manual verification but I really can't wait much longer.

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I can't show what exactly happened right now , But I sent in the necessary documents , can we please get this finished as soon as possible , I am on a clock. 

Please help.

This is quite annoying as I thought this was going to be an easy and instant process , but instead this has become quite frustrating.

I am going to give this 1 more hour or Im afraid I'll have to issue a chargeback due to:

A) The money has been taken from me and I have not recieved the product.

B) I have sent the required documents and the person who replied to my ticket did not seem to mention it at all despite it being attached to the ticket.

Good news, your order is completed and delivered to your account. Click here to view/download your keys/ePins.

Also, your uploaded documents are verified and stored the data in our system. Kindly update your Shasso account details as in your uploaded photo ID and use it again for your future orders to ignore future verification inconveniences.

We truly appreciate your patience and support.
Should you have any enquiries or require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to assist you the best we can.

Thank you.

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