Purchased complete, but then you give the fake code

So before, i brought a roblox giftcard and then you give the code right, but then when i tried it says "this card has already been reedemed" so that means you give me the fake code. Someone reedemed that code and its probably one of the people working in there. Only the people that is working in there knows the code. So please give me the real code because i really need it. Thank you.

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Please give the real code this time.

After logging in to the account via Twitter, it became clear to me that he was also linked to Facebook and the new account was not in the ad. Please help me. I want to get my money back. Thank you  


Hi Ahmed,

We are sorry but we cannot offer you any support here as this is a G2G order related issue. To receive prompt assistance related to G2G matters, kindly submit your ticket via the link provided below: 

Alternatively, you may send an email to for further assistance. Thank you

Hi Bernice, 

Regarding your issue, we advise for you to kindly submit to us a screen shot of the following in order for us to get this issue reported to the CDKey management so that they can investigate this issue with the publishers of the code as we have no direct access to the publisher's systems.

1> Screenshot of your order showing the code you have received

2> Screenshot of the error you received on your account during redemption

Kindly do not crop the pictures and you may save them as jpeg/png format. You can submit directly to our CDK officers through the following email:

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

Ok, thank you for responding and i will do it but not now because im busy so i will just do it later, thank you for responding

Hi Bernice,

You're welcome! If you do have any further inquiries, we would redirect you to contact our Support Team via as we would not want you to post the screenshots of your codes here via the forum as this is a public space. Do let us know either via email or a reply here if you have already sent us the screenshots via the email provided.


My friend, the seller gave me the Twitter code and I opened the game, but the account was the first level other than the account that I requested and also the account was linked to Facebook and asked for the Facebook code and he told me that he does not know what this fraud is please help me the request has been delayed too much

Also, this is not the first time that I have purchased an account via  I have bought before and the method was very smooth and easy

Hi Ahmed,

We are sorry to inform that we do not have access or tool to assist you with the G2G related issue. Therefore, we suggest that you may send an email to as the issue can be escalated to the correct support team for further assistance.

Thank you


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