How can I get my gift card number

How can I get my gift card number

Hi 紫, 

We received your ticket ID: 419437 and have responded to this inquiries. Kindly check on the said ticket accordingly. Thank you. 

Wher can I find said ticket?

Hello, Saed.  You can locate the ticket ID via your email as we have sent an update to your registered email address for further update. Thank you.

Thank you for your help , I fund it . Regards

Hi Saed,

You're welcome!

I didnt get my redeem gift card number

Hi Mohamed, 

Kindly be informed, your order 17074868 has been completed and the code successfully delivered to your OffGamers account. To view/download your keys/ePins, log into your Shasso account through the following link: You may send us an email at for further inquiries in future. Thank you for shopping at OffGamers!  

Thank you for your help ,, I found it

You are welcome. 

You're welcome Saed!

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