Payment still verifying

Order number : 16472491 It's been almost 9 hours since I placed my order and the payment is still being verified. I payed via skrill e wallet, so there's absolutely no room for error. Usually verification takes around 5-30 minutes maximum, so why is it taking so long!? Kindly look into it ASAP.

Hi  Viranchee,

In regards to your order 16472491, we have responded to your enquiry via ticket #415651. We will close this forum thread and any further correspondence or update, we will notify you through ticket #415651.

ii need help pls i dont speak much english i speak spanish i need help plss  with any support help!!

Hi Moises,

Please do respond to our reply via the ticket ID : 415677. Please do provide the screenshot requested so we are able to assist you in this matter. 

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