I accidentally canceled my order #16408477

Siparişi yanlışlıkla iptal ettim. bankaya transfer olmadan.kodumu alabilir miyim




Hello, Irem. Please be informed that we have responded to your ticket ID 414472 and you may get back to you via email shall you have further inquiries.

48 hours have passed but my money is still not returned to the bank

Hi Irem nur,

As checked by our respective team, your order has been cancelled now and the process typically takes within 3-14 working day for the Bank/Card issuer to reinstate the amount back to your card account. We suggest you to check after some time or contact your Bank for further information.

Thank you

It's been 15 days My money is still not returned to the Bank ?

Hi Irem nur,

As a merchant in the transaction, we are only able to void the payment when we cancelled the order (16408477). It was voided on 25th April 2020, we can only suggest you to contact the Bank/Card issuer for further clarification on the refund status.

Usually it should take a maximum of 14 business days for card issuers/bank to reverse the funds into an account. 

I had a meeting with my bank. they said no refund was provided. I want the refund process checked again

Hi Irem Nur,

The credit card payment was made via an intermediary which is through our payment gateway checkout system, therefore the refund is processed by the selected intermediary you have used. 14 Working days does not include Saturday and Sundays or Public Holidays of the refund recipient. Since the order was canceled on the 25th of April 2020, you may have to wait and follow up with your bank closely or check your online transaction history periodcally.

You may contact our support team email at if you do require a reference for the refund to follow up with your bank.


I want a documents. I talked to the bank. I called 3 times. My problem is if you can't find a solution. I will meet with the competent unit. I will complain to you. I can even get compensation. Either I get a clear answer to my question. Or we will see the result together Bir belge istiyorum. Banka ile konuştum. 3 kez aradım. Benim sorunum bir çözüm bulamazsanız. Yetkili birimle görüşeceğim. Sana şikayet edeceğim. Tazminat bile alabilirim. Ya soruma net bir cevap alıyorum. Ya da sonucu birlikte göreceğiz

As per our checking, the refund process for order 16408477 is completed by our side thus we're unable to provide you any assistance other than advise you to report about this matter with your card issuer. Once done, they can contact the payment gateway company and proceed with further investigation to assist you further.

Thank you.

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