Hard to explain

this is hard to explain but been having trouble with my bank. I try to buy a game card  and my bank blocking the first one. I tI called my bank and told them  to quit blocking my card for offgamers so they activated it again. The reason they have been blocked it was because anything purchased overseas they consider I tried again and it said invalid card but I knew it wasn't  but it didn't tell me that until after I pushed buy I called my bank again and it said my card was still active. So I went back and tried again knowing my card was active.It said invalid again so I called my bank again and they said my card was active. So I went back to offgamers and I was looking for a number to call customer service and couldn't find one anywhere. then I looked in my profile and clicked on everything to find a number and what I found shocked me there were 3 things in there where I was trying to buy a gift card for $400 each and they were all pending this was why offgamers were saying my card was invalid.I immediately canceled all 3 of them and went back to start all over but offgamers had taken all my payment info off there I don't blame them I blame me. But I didn't know that those three were pending I thought offgamers had to receive the money first before they processed it and I didn't know that those 3 were pending. Now my problem is trying to get my info back into the system. can you help me at all? Thanks!

Hi Richard, In regards to your enquiry, we have responded you via ticket ID: 412935 accordingly. Please check our messages and prompt for further updates. Thank you for understanding and we are apologize for any inconveniences caused.. 

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