Discounted offer better than regular offer

Posted over 2 years by eric

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So i did a comparison.

100 USD PSN Card discounted = 94USD

100 USD PSN Card regular = 99USD (Plus you will get 5940 offgamer points)

per 10,000 offgamer points = 1USD

If im a platinum member:

Buying discounted price is still at 94USD

Buying regular price at 99USD (I will get 29,700 points (5940 x 5 due to platinum member)) = 99USD less 2.97USD = 96.03

So overall, its better to focus on discounted price rather than the offgamer points?

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Barath posted over 2 years

Hi eric, thank you for your support and commitment towards our OffGamers site. True indeed, you can enjoy slight prices deduction on the discounted price of your product that you desired compare to regular pricing products. 

However, there a certain limitation been set in our site which you are unable to retrieve such as OffGamers points are unavailble for certain products which implements discounted products. You may go through via link given accordingly:

We hope this clarifies you itself. Also, since this is the ideas and suggestion forum - we will be closing this thread.


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