unacceptable answer

Ticket nr: 408386 Now I get a unacceptable answer : " sorry to inform that we are currently waiting for the clearance from the payment channel of your choice SofortBanking. The order is expected to be completed by 23/04/2020." im feeling like ure team making jokes about me.Sofortbanking means instant banking. I use this method always and it' works always instant. The money is on your banking account. And why nobody can answer my request to tell the seller I want the account for a other server.. I feel so fooled

Hi Manuel,   

Our team have replied to you via email, Ticket ID:  (#408395). We would also like to inform you that any future correspondence will be done through the email. 

It also appears your inquiry is related to G2G, kindly contact our counterparts at for further assistance on your inquiry as this is the OffGamers forum. We are able to only handle inquiries related to OffGamers here. 


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