Order issues

Hi, yesterday I ordert a wrong product (the seller have to times the same account to sell on different servers.. I doest realize this at first but after 30 seconds and after pay 370 Euro I tryed to stop the process and order for the right server. After a ticket and contact the support team with the request to tell the seller chance the order to the other server l.. Nothing comes back after 12 ours and now I should wait till 2020-23-04 for a answer? What's wrong with you? I should wait 10 days? This are close to 400 euro?.. Im still wanna buy this account but just for a nother server.. Please help me now. thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
Now I get a answer : " sorry to inform that we are currently waiting for the clearance from the payment channel of your choice SofortBanking. The order is expected to be completed by 23/04/2020." im feeling like ure team making jokes about me.Sofortbanking means instant banking. The money is on your banking account. And why nobody can answer my request to tell the seller I want the account for a other server.. I feel so fooled

Hi Manuel,   

Our team have replied to you via email, Ticket ID:  (#408386). We would also like to inform you that any future correspondence will be done through the email. 


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