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Posted almost 3 years by Kadir

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If I cancel the order, will the money be refunded instantly or should I wait 12 to 24 hours? Order number: #15161451

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Barath posted almost 3 years

Hi Kadir, we have responded your inquiry via ticket ID: 392938 accordingly. We advise you to check your mail and liaise with us via ticket itself for prompt updates. Thank you for understanding. 

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Kadir posted almost 3 years

I still didnt get my money back its been 10 days now an ne money back. Give me my money. Order number: #15161451

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kartikasari posted almost 3 years

Hi Kadir,

We have responded to your ticket (ID : 390137) in regards to your inquiry and we would be happy to address this further with you through the same ticket/email should you wish to communicate more.  Thank you.

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