Seller is not sending me ny Information!!

Posted almost 3 years by Jørgen

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I bought an account two DAYS ago, IT took an awfully long time with all the verification bs, but now the seller had me contact him on whatsapp. In HIS country he is 7hours before me, but he still dont answer when er are borh online.. is there a time limit? Or do i have to wait until 2022?

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Lalitha Prassanna

Lalitha Prassanna posted almost 3 years

We are sorry to inform that we do not have access or tool to assist you with the G2G based inquiries. Please contact the G2G support team via for further assistance.

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Jørgen posted almost 3 years

Well, he is not responding, have seen him being active multiple times since he were supposed to hive me the account..

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