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Order number: 14548650 Hey, i have canceled my order 2 days ago and I didn’t get my refund from Paypal so please if you could talk with Paypal and told them that I canceled the order please. Thankyou

Hi Faisal,

We noticed that you have submitted a ticket in regards to your order 14548650. For any further update/correspondence on the order, kindly refer to this ticket ID# 375444 instead. We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

Hi my seller wants me to confirm without delivery I already escalated the claim with PayPal when he tried to avoid me read his chats and log sessions that was after he tried to scam me outside g2g and I paid a $90 fee all up cost me $742.99 it's not me making your company at a loss it's your sellers

Hi Jason.

We are sorry but we cannot offer you any support here as this is a G2G order related inquiry which requires the G2G team to provide you the details. To receive prompt assistance related to G2G matters, kindly submit your ticket via the link provided below:

Alternatively, you may send an email to for further assistance. Thank you

Hi. I cancel order nubmer 17138361. And still not got my money back any help. Ty

We've replied about your concern via email ticket #429393. Kindly check your email inbox for further assistance.

Thank you.

Order#17047326 .I canceled my order 12 days ago and until now my money has not been returned or I want my money. Why is this delay? Please, my money is due to your fault.

Hi Abbas,

We would like to inform that your order has been cancelled as per your request and depending on your card issuer, the estimated time frame for your card account to be re-credited back ranges between 3-14 working days. Kindly check back from time to time or you may check directly with your Bank/Card issuer for more information.

Please accept our utmost apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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