Google play gift card error

ORDER # 12621767

Good afternoon. I recently purchased a google play gift card, but was unable to redeem it. I do not believe it is an issue on your part, however. I had also purchased a 50 dollar google play card, which was able to be redeemed right away. I believe that there is an issue with redeeming $100 dollar play cards on google play's end, as I've run into this issue once before. And I know that this is not an issue on your end, because when I input the code, it recognizes it as an unredeemed $100 google play code, but upon redeeming it gives me an error (pictures below). Contacting them for support has proved fruitless, unfortunately. Would I be able to refund my purchase, or switch to two separate $50 google play cards? I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your time.

Hello, Kevin. We have created a ticket  312736 by attending your issue and you may submit the requested screenshot within the email so we can escalate the issue for you. Besides, you are reminded that do not upload any screenshot in the forum in future as it is public post. Thank you.

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