Please verify pending code

 My order 12442359 is stuck at Verifying. Please help!

1 person has this problem

Hi Ahmed,

We will need you to upload the following documents via this link : 

, for a one time authentication process. Please DO NOT email the images.

1. A valid photo identification (which has not expired revealing your name and address that matches the billing address of your credit card).
2. A selfie photo of you holding your identity document.
3. A copy of the front of your credit card (show first 6 digits and last 4 digits by blank out the middle digit).

Your information will be kept private and secure, but for security purposes, please blank out the middle credit card digit.  

Hi  Ahmed,  

As you have already submitted a ticket (Ticket ID: 307080) regarding this issue, kindly reply to the ticket thread instead of here for easier follow-up on the issue from our end.  

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