order #12206857 pending for 1h30


My order #12206857 has been stuck on pending "verification" for about two hours.

Credit card has been charged and the invoice has been sent.

You can even notice "payment received" on the order page.

I've been contacted by Mr Ruzaini, asking me for ID/selfie/credit card pictures, which i delivered through email AND on your site for extra caution.

Since then, i have not received any feedback.

I'd greatly appreciate if i could receive what i've paid for.

Thank you.




Order was delivered.

Thank you.

Hi Eric,

We are sorry as the order was flagged by the system for review and verification. 

The verification process serves to safeguard the credit card or PayPal owner against identity theft, fraud and 

unauthorized payment. Hence, it is required for the information provided to be verified for accuracy and legitimacy as part of the standard security check for all online transactions.  

We appreciate your update and are glad that you have subsequently received the order.

Thank you for your purchase.

I seem to have the same problem.

Order #12215454

Hi Kevin,

We notice that your order has been completed and you may retrieve the product code from your OffGamers account. Please do email us at should you need any further assistance.

Thank you

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