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Posted almost 4 years by arsen

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Please check as I've already been charged and I got the invoice in my email.

However I have not received what I bought, it's still on the verifying stage.

ORDER # 12143227 (13 Feb 2019)

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kartikasari posted almost 4 years

Hi  plebiansquatter ,

Order was completed and code delivered, apologies for the wait.

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plebiansquatter posted almost 4 years

ORDER # 12153645 

Stuck on verifying as well which makes no sense since i bought an INSTANT code. Paypal has already verified payment and at this point only thing remaining is for me to cancel order and request a paypal dispute

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Barath posted almost 4 years

As a virtual store, we required to validate all the online payments that we receive to ensure the authenticity of the transaction in order to prevent unauthorized purchases. Hence, the reason why the order has to be manually reviewed before delivering the item to Shasso account. 

It appears to be that you have requested for cancellation of your order as unwillingly wait for the verification process to be done. The refund process of your payment will be done accordingly to your card issuer within 3-14 working days. Kindly contact your card or bank issuer from time to time for any refund updates.

Thank you and apologize for any inconveniences caused.

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