A good $50 kk card can't be used in the dfo game.


A good $50 kk card can't be used in the dfo game. It always shows that the balance is not enough, but there is no change in the card on the kk official website.

Hi Nino,

As we are unable to test-redeem each code provided by the supplier prior to order delivery, kindly try the following methods if you encounter problem redeeming your game code:
1. Using another web browser to redeem (Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox)
2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Then attempt to redeem again.
3. Check for typo or spelling error (0 = O / 1 = l / 2 = Z / 4 = A / 5 = S / 8 = B)

If all the attempts above are unsuccessful, please file a report and attach the two (2) screenshots required in JPEG/PNG/PDF format by emailing to or fill in the Game Code Issue Submission Form :

1. Code viewed from your order page
2. Error message</b>

We will only be able to escalate your code issue to the Personnel In-charge when we have received the screenshots as requested above. You will be notified by email once we have received the updates on this matter. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

I have sent the mail in the past, I hope to solve it as soon as possible, this has bothered me for an afternoon.

Hi Nino,

If you have sent or uploaded the screenshots required for the reported issue on order 11840449, kindly await a separate email from our CD Key Team regarding receipt of the reported issue within 24 hours.  Please contact us at should you fail to receive any reply thereafter.

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