better discounts and rewards

my understanding is, WOR tokens can only be earned by purchasing using store credits and non discounted items.


so i did my math, top up 100 usd 

- using paypal: 100 usd + 3.09 usd

- using cc: 100 usd + 2.89 usd

buy USD100 PSN Card (US) 

- at 99 usd

- 9900 WOR rebate

in total, it cost me 99 + 2.89 (if i did not use paypal)


buying the discounted USD100 PSN Card(US) at 96 usd

and in total: 96 usd + 2.89 (if paypal is not used)


to summarize:

using loyalty program -> 99 + 2.89 (- 0.99 from WOR rebate) = 100.9

using discounted -> 96 + 2.89 = 98.89

can someone enlighten me?

Hi Gus Vincent,

We provide WOR Token on certain products in our website and it's applicable for all payment method except Store credit purchased. Once  your membership is upgraded, you will enjoy a higher percentage of WOR  Token as well. Please check the link below for more information:

We hope this help and you may email to us at if you need any further assistance. Thank you

i am currently platinum plus, and when i check out.. i see 9900 WOR rebate...

We suggest for you to check the product page for the reward availability before placing the order. Unfortunately, we are not offering Wor Token reward on products which had an on-going promotion.

i already checked... its 9900 for 100USD PSN US as i have mentioned

In that case, you should get the same amount of WoR token reward upon completing the order. Please do email us at if you have further inquiries.

thats not my point :(

Hi Gus Vincent,

Sorry about the hold-up, please do email us if you encounter any issue related to our product as we will try our best to assist you regarding this matter.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

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