Still Verifying

Hello, According to the notice verifcation should only take about 15-30 mins, would like an update on the status of the verification as I am new to buying here as a friend referred this site as a trustworthy place to buy karma koins.

Hi, bamitsunsc88 . It appears that there is no payment received from you. Hence, you may check with your card issuer for more information.

Hi bamitsunsc88,

We did not receive any further response from you and in regards to your issue, please do contact your card issuer for assistance.

We will close this thread and should you have any further question, do drop us an email at

Hello, my two orders (one for £10 and one for £50) have still not come through, I need the money as soon as possible

Thank You

Hello, Kyle. Both of your orders is still pending for the verification and we will get you notified via email once there is an update.

Ok my friend ty very much

You are welcome, Kyle.

Im new so yeah. I gtg off soon in about 1hour so ill wait till morning unless its done in the time i got before i go.

so can i use this money on g2g sorry im new and i hope i can since thats what i want it for xD

Yes. You can use the store credit on both platform &

ok thank you and i gtg in like 30mins so can u try ur hardest my friend to verify?

Hello, Kyle. We have informed our team to verify and you will receive an update from us via email.

Okay, I gtg ill check tomorrow morning Bye

Hi, Kyle. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

No Problem :D

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