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Posted about 4 years by byourself402

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what happen to mobile payment option?

like XL or H3I?

can't find it no matter what country had set into

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Aiman posted about 4 years Admin

In regard of your inquiry, we are sorry that Codapay payment method is unavailable at this time (until further notice). To make your purchase, we would strongly recommend for you to consider other payment options available through our checkout page instead.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

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byourself402 posted about 4 years

will it ever get it fixed?

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kartikasari posted about 4 years

Hi byourself402,

We are sorry as CodaPay payments are unavailable at this time.  Kindly consider the other payment modes shown through checkout instead should you wish to make a purchase.

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