No Wonder OffGamers has the worst reviews on Social Media.

This is a VERY VERY SERIOUS SERIOUS feedback, you give customer the option to cancel the order instead of apologizing for the delay in verifying your order. You give that option and tell the customer if you are not ok to wait, please feel free to cancel the order. I mean who does that these days with their customers. Never experienced this insane support and verification system.


I am sure the above feedback doesnt matter to you, because i see you are doing absolutely nothing to change the negative reviews of OffGamers and above that your disgusting processes rather annoy the customer and make them consistently rate you bad. Why should a customer Deposit, get his money debited after being properly authenticated from his/her bank and still wait for his money to hang in the middle of no where?







Thank you for contacting us! If the customer do not wish to proceed with the verification due to not willing to provide the document requested, customer can canceled the order and choose alternative payment method that will not need any verification done.

The verification process serves to safeguard the credit card or PayPal owner against identity theft, fraud and unauthorized payment. Hence, it is required for the information provided to be verified for accuracy and legitimacy as part of the standard security check for all online transactions.

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