Question regarding refund policies

First of all, I would like to state that I have had no issues up to date whatsoever with Offgamers performances. I have spent well over a grand of goods here with only a single case of not properly activated itunes gift card, which was resolved a few days later. However, today I decided to spent a pretty significant sum and was put into queue for verification purposes. I can imagine the reason behind as it was a significant sum. The order in question was 1200$ of itunes cards, order: 10730716. Shortly after being put in queue for verification, I figured I am better off just buying my itunes cards in parts instead of buying them in bulk to avoid this time consuming procedure. Moreover, I found out in hindsight that the 200$ cards are more expensive than the 100$ cards (see attachment). Based on this I decided to cancel my order and reorder the appropiate items with the above mentioned strategy. I was not aware however that the refund may take half a month for it to actually be available to me again. Had I known this I would have paid the extra discrepancies instead of waiting for such a long time. My questions are hence as follows: 1) Why are the 200$ cards more expensive than their lesser equivalents (such as 2x 100$ cards)? 2) Why is refunding policy taking this long to do? To my knowledge, refunding is usually (close to) instant. Mind you, I am not complaining. However I am geniunely curious as to the reasoning behind Offgamers procedures.

Hi Jelle,

We would like to extend our gratitude for your patronage and support to-date. Also, our apologies for any inconveniences the procedures may have caused you in regards to this particular transaction. 

To answer your questions:

1) Our pricing is mostly reliant upon the supplier's pricing and for this particular product, the bigger denominations happen to cost slightly more than the smaller ones combined to make up the same value.

2) As for the refund, we will be refunding the amount through the payment gateway we are using to accept the payment i.e. Adyen back to your bank.  No doubt, it will be done instantly once our Accounts Team is available for the day, but there shall typically be some time-frame involved for the funds to travel between the payment gateway back to your bank.

Hope this answers your questions.

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