Giving me partial refund after many hours and I haven't even cancelled the order

Posted over 4 years by PcTrollGamer

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kat WTH, I beleived in you and waited a full day and now you guys give me partial refund WHY !!!!! I did all what you say and again you do this. Man IDK what happens I never told you to cancel my order and evn if you wanted to refund then at least give me the processing fee so I can buy it again, if I cancel the order then I would accept the partial refund but this time its not from me you all are not kids you know how a business is done, just take the money you refunded and give me the wallet code NOW, I am not taking any excuses I want it NOW NOW NOW!!!

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kartikasari posted over 4 years

Hi PCTrollGamer,

We are sorry, as your order 10531347 had failed our verification process, so we are unable to accept online payments from you. This has caused your payment to be cancelled and refund initiated back through Paypal. You may want to consider using the other alternative payment options shown to you at checkout currently instead if you wish to make a purchase.  

Processing fees are refunded separately and typically ensue the principal within 24 hours.

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