Already paid. Got Invoice but stuck on Verifying.

Hi there. I already paid for a $50 AUD iTunes Card via PayPal. Status: Payment received. Contact OffGamers Support. I already didi that. They told me the order is currently pending for verification purposes and closed the support ticket. How long will it take? Its been almost more than 50 minutes now. This isn't my first iTunes card I bought online but I never had such a long time to wait. Got my codes always within Minutes but sadly not on OffGamers. I hope I don't have to open an support ticket on PayPal that I paid but didn't received what I paid for. :( Hope you can help. 

Thank You. Christin-Diana

Hello, DIana. Your order 10354004 has been completed and delivered.

Please I need my order code now, I’ve been waiting for over hour now and I haven’t gotten anything... my Order Number: 14639039

Kindly be informed that your order 14639039 has been completed and successfully delivered to your OffGamers account. Please login to your account to retrieve the code accordingly. We truly appreciate it if you could write in to us at for any future inquiries. Regards. 

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