Offgamer didnt Refund My Full Money

i have refund on Order #10270255 , Total Payment Paypal Progess is 365.52 $ but they only refund me about 356.00$ , Is This A Steal? I Demand Answer , you have my word that if you dont refund my full money back i'll Open A dispute, and Then will never Purchase at This site again . DO remind that Paypal have an Option To Refund Full Money to customer including fees so dont try to bullsht me

Hi gamethudeptrai9x,

Kindly check back within 24 hours for the update since the respective team will need to process the refund manually which may take some time. Please email us at if you need any further assistance.

Hi there,

Please be informed that the refund has been completed previously. Kindly check your PayPal account for more information regarding this refund status.

Thank you

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