didnt get the codes and my money deducted

 hello offgamer, i purchased a steam wallet code but i cancelled it. the money deducted but i didnt get the code. when i review my purchasing history it show no history or purchasing at all. can u help me with this

Hi Ahmad,

Please send a screenshot of the receipt or successful transaction to so we may escalate for manual clearance of your payment and reinstatement of the cancelled order.

Hi Ahmad,

We have received a ticket concerning this #226267.  As such, this thread shall be marked as solved since we shall continue to assist you through opened ticket accordingly.



Hi Ahmad,

Order 10161960 has been completed, kindly access your order page by clicking on the order number then scroll downwards to view the code.

Thank you for your purchase.

i did purchased 2 steam wallet, but i cancel the first order i did. the order has been cancelled but my money still deducted. i need you help to recover my money back. here i give u the proof of me buying 2 steam wallet. pay attention of the time my payment have been received the other one is the successful purchase ad the other one if the cancelled purchase


About your order 10161779, we can only cancel your payment into store credit or proceed with the delivery as your payment method is not reversible.

so is tht mean i can reclaim my money?


Hello, Ahmad. Your order has been completed and delivered upon your request.

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