Status Verifying for 2 Days

helo... im already sent ticket to support about this problem , im already waiting for 2 days now , and going to 3 days. this is my order number ORDER# 10079659

i need my Store Credit ASAP. cause im already waiting for long time.

fyi : im already got email Confirmation Payment Successful and Invoice of my Order. but my Order still verifying and Credit Store still "0"

I want  my Store Credits on Monday , 2 April 2018 !

Sorry, Farhan. We are still waiting for the update from our  Indomog before proceed with your order.

hope u prioritize my order cause im already waiting 2 days. please follow up to indomog. i will followup this case till i got my Store Credits.

Sure, Farhan. We will proceed with your order once we got the response from Indomog.

why this thread solved ? im still not get my Store Credit , its not solved

Rest assured, you will be notified via email once there is an update.

We noticed that you have submitted a ticket in regards to your order 10079659. Kindly take note that any further update, we will notify you through ticket #223709. Hence, we will close this forum thread.

Thank you for your patience.

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