Purchase Completed but did not receive it.

Okay, i'm regular customer on this site for "unlimited ninja" gold top ups.

If you want to top up, you have to enter games 'Server number' and character "name"

So there are these game 'events' where i do every 2nd month and do big top ups for like $200.

This time in characters name i didn't put Capital Letter which probably caused delay or something in the delivery.

I contacted the customer service regarding this after they looked into it, they said the 'Gold" was delivered.

But i did not receive it, so i contacted the game publishing company and they said that they don't have any record of any of purchases, which means they did not receive it yet.

So the thing is, i need the gold by 14/3/2018, cause thats the day the event ends, and if i get gold after that the $200 top up will be worthless to me.

So i contacted the customer service with 'order issue' telling them if they could adjust the order's name and put the capital letter in the name, now waiting for reply.

ORDER# 9973578

If it can't be sorted out by 13/3/2018 i would like for this order to be cancelled so i could make new order, as the game event runs on timers, otherwise i would miss it.

Thank you.

Hello, Jorandas. We have responded to your email and you may check for the update.

I’ve not seen my code yet

Hi Taysir, we have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: 645665. Further correspondence will be done via the replied email accordingly. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  Thank You. 


I paid more than $ 1500 and was answered by you that the merchant is suspended, how do I get my money back now

Hi عبدالمجيد ,

In regards to your issue, please do provide us the order number and submit any related screen shot so that we could look into this matter. Kindly email us at support@offgamers,com with the required information/screen shot and we shall investigate this further.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

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