Still Verifying


My ORDER# 9885251  is still being verified after payment was received. This could be because I misspelled hotmail on my email at sing up and typed hotmai (without the l) instead,but now I changed the email and I fixed it.Can someone check it and verify my order? 

Sorry for the late response, Christacis.. Your order is completed and delivered which you can login to your account to view your code.

same problem order number 9892481

Hi John Carlo,

We would like to inform that your latest order has been completed and you may check your OffGamers account for the update. Should you need any further assistance, please do drop us an email at

Hello! Can someone help me with my Order# 9897794?

Thanks in advance!

Hello jesus,

Your order was duly completed and  delivered about  3 minutes before your posting of this message.  It also appears that you had viewed the code about a minute afterwards.  Thanks for your purchase!

i changed the first and last name and it still verifying

i have to put the 100$ gift card on the ps4 at 7pm please help me 

Hi Pog, 

Order 9900458 was duly completed and code delivered to you some 10 minutes ago.  It also appears that you have already viewed the code from your end, so thanks for your purchase.

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