Open a channel for Google Play Gift cards for South Africa

Hi there, I have been buying loads of Google Plat gift cards online from because they are the only site that offers Google cards for South Africa online.

And they suck big time, service is shit and their payment gateway is erratic and works one day and then stops working the next. There is a large community of

us South Africans that buy from them for all the games we play. Please could you open a channel here for ZA google cards.

I would much rather support your site than theirs and will put word out to all the gamers here if you do.

Thanks from a hopeful future site supporter.

Hi jason,

We thank you for your interest, your request has been escalated to our inventory team for sourcing.  We shall notify you by email upon any available updates.


Dear Ajay, 

Pertaining to your order 12897910, we have send a new email ticket ID : 322478 regarding this code issue. We are looking forward for your reply there. 

Thank you and apologies for any inconveniences caused.

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