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Posted almost 5 years by Takumi

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I was try to redeem the codes as soon as I get the codes.
But I find out that the codes were already redeemed.

So I cancelled my paypal payment and submitted the Game Code Issue Submission Form.

Hope you guys can help me solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Shanmugan Sathuraman

Shanmugan Sathuraman posted over 2 years Admin

Hi there celco,

Our support team have replied to your concern via email ticket ID #440477. Kindly refer the stated email from your inbox to notice the current update and for further assistance.

Thank you.

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celso posted over 2 years

i was try to redeem the e-pin as soon i get the codes from dragongames email but i found out it was 0 balance please help me guys solve this issue as soon as posible

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kartikasari posted almost 5 years

Hi Takumi,

If you have uploaded them, our CD Key department shall launch an investigation with the publisher or game developer. The process typically takes:


  • 3 working days: submitted on Monday - Thursday
  • 4 working days: submitted on Friday (not including Saturday, Sunday and Malaysia public holidays) 

        (Working hour: 9:30am - 6:30pm, +8GMT)

NoteDue to Lunar New Year from 15-Feb to 20-Feb, the process will be delayed until the Personnel In-charge resume work on 21-Feb-2018. 

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