Cards already redeemed

Has anyone else faced this issue? I contacted support and am still waiting for a response all cards in my order were redeemed. 

Hi N,

Kindly provide the affected order number as well as 2 screenshots, 1 of the code being viewed from the order page and another of the error message encountered at redemption so we may escalate them for investigation and resolution.

Hi, I already did under ticket i.d 207854 it has been 2 days and i still have not had this resolved. 

We appreciate your patience while this issue is being looked into by our CD Key Team, the estimated time-frame is 5 working days which excludes the weekends, we hope for an update soonest.  The designated team shall be in touch with you directly through your Shasso email upon resolution.

Feel free to keep in touch with us by replying to the existing ticket id 207854 from time to time.

Our utmost apologies for any inconveniences caused.


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