Paymaster24 High Fees + bad Service + BLOCKED MY COUNTRY one of OFFGAMERS resellers.

i dont know the reason why offgamers changed payment to Paymaster ( webmoney ) and destroyed resellers profit.

High Fees . Bad service and especially Paymaster24 Blocked my country and i cant purchase from offgamers anymore...

also FEE is too high and there is no profit for any reseller . so working with offgamers means 0$ profit for resellers who purchase 3-4K $ per month.

PLEASE change the gateway to something else or Directly put Webmoney Gateway.

i submited a ticket and still nothing . im just waiting and losing my profit.

please fix it ASAP..


Hi Reseller,

We wish to extend our utmost apologies for any inconvenience the reported issue may have caused you.  Be advised that our management is currently actively looking into providing an amicable solution to this . Rest assured you shall be notified upon available updates.

Your patience would be greatly valued until then.

We would like to inform you that we will close this thread and once there is any update pertaining to the Webmoney, we will send you a separate email. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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