my money was taken out from my account, you system said no payment, i have decided to cancel the payment but did not get my money back

my order is #9561456, money was taken out of my paypal account but but on your end it said no payment was made. Also got a paypal receipt on my email:

"You sent a payment of $14.67 USD to OffGamers Global Pte Ltd


Dec 20, 2017 14:23:26 PST 

Transaction ID: 0HB79815WM860390X   

I have decided to cancel my order and it was canceled by your system, but I did not get my money back yet. 

You either return the money to my paypal account or I will open a dispute!!!!

Is this website a scam???

Hello, James. We would like to inform you that your order has been canceled and the refund is reflected back to your account now.

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