About the way Gift Cards are send

Hello, I wanted to know if I buy an Amazon gift card if it will be send to me via mail, or if I receive the code via e-mail. Thanks.

Hello, Paula. We will deliver the digital code to your Offgamers account.

Thanks for the fast reply and if the code got got send in which option do I see the code in my account. (Sorry I am new here).

I'm serious.

Ok Thanks

You are welcome.

Sorry now I have another question while paying for the gift card my billing address was asked. Why should I add my billing address if the code will be send to my account?

This is part of the verification to ensure the safety of the account owner.

Ah ok. Thanks again

You are welcome.

I want to know how much it takes to get the product. 

Hi dzumandzijepicka2 ,

Your order was awaiting for verification. It has now completed and delivered. Kindly proceed to view the code through your order page accordingly.

Thank you

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