Verifying Order # 9406779

please check my order. Order gets stuck in verifying. im waiting for 12h already.

you want me to do the following steps. But i have paid the same kind orders sucessfully twice with the same credit card by paybal in the same day. And the paypal had been confirmed the order #9406779 already. if you still want me to do the following steps...i'll say it is just way too much trouble, then i could prefer to cancel the order #9406779.

If you still prefer using (original payment method), we will need you to upload the following documents here, for a one time authentication process. 

1. A valid photo identification (which has not expired revealing your name and address that matches the billing address of your credit card).
2. A copy of the front of your credit showing only the first 6 digits and last 4 digits.
3. A copy of the back of your credit card with signature.
4. Utility bill that matches your billing information.

Hi  freedomzaftx10a,

In regard of your order, it has been canceled by system as per your request. Please do email us at if you need any further assistance.

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