ORDER# 9358432

I am confused, so the total amount for my order has already been deducted from my Paypal and also received an invoice in my email but it says 

"Payment Received

Pending for verification. (Usually within 5-30 minutes)"

I am not sure whether or not the verification worked out, when I clicked on the link in the verification email the first time my internet dropped out as it was redirecting and so it was safe for me to assume it didn't go through. When the internet was running again I went to my email to click that link and try again only to be faced with "Oops, verifcation failed" so now I don't have the slightest clue what's been processed and what hasn't. Please help!!!!

Hi Miiko,

Your order 9358432 has been delivered and completed. Kindly check your email for the latest update of your order status. Also, you may send an email to us at for any enquiry.

Thank you

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