verification pending

i just buy my @cash e-pin. i am new buyer and affraid. can anyone help me, admin you here?

here my order number 9330654


Still Pending please confirm.. 

Hi Kevin,

The payment for your PayPal order is currently pending due to  payment review, which typically takes up to 24 hours for clearance. For more information about PayPal payment review, please CLICK HERE.

Once the payment has cleared, we will proceed with your order accordingly and notify you via email. Thank you for your patience.

if i deposit or top up my balance and pay with the balance will the transaction be faster? then paypal? 

Hi Kevin,

It depends on the payment method but it may be faster if you were purchasing using the PayPal available balance instead. Kindly contact us at if you need further assistance for the order.

11608159 is still pending .. :(

Hi Creativo,

Regarding your order, we will need you to upload the following documents here, for a one-time authentication process. 


The verification process serves to safeguard the credit card or PayPal owner against identity theft, fraud and unauthorized payment. Hence, it is required for the information provided to be verified for accuracy and legitimacy as part of the standard security check for all online transactions.  


  1. A valid photo identification (which has not expired revealing your name and address that matches the billing address of your credit card).
  2. A copy of the front of your credit showing only the first 6 digits and last 4 digits.
  3. A copy of the back of your credit card with signature.
  4. A selfie photo of you holding your identity document.

Your information will be kept private and secure, but for security purposes, please blank out the CVV and credit card digit impressions shown on the back of the card. For a guideline on how to blank out sensitive information on a credit/debit card, please click here


We suggest using the following payment options to make your purchase if you do not feel comfortable submitting information over the internet. Once payment is received via these methods your order will be processed immediately without hassle: 



  1. Bitpay
  2. ATM / Bank Transfer
  3. Offline Payment

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