verification pending

i just buy my @cash e-pin. i am new buyer and affraid. can anyone help me, admin you here?

here my order number 9330654

Hi, mrchen4 . Please be informed that your order has been refused by your card issuer and you may check with your bank for more information.

My order is still verifying as well, PLEASE HELP!

Order number  #10793717

Hello, Chase. Your order is completed and delivered.

My order still verifying ,pass 1 hour ,PLS HELP 2 google us cards

Order Number:10797051

My order is still verifying,passed 1 hour, pls help

Order Number: 10797051

My order number# 10786171, #10786177, #10797420 please check, it's still pending

Hello, mrchen4. Please be informed that your payment has been refused and you may check with your bank for more information.

Hi Kerem,

Please be informed that we will be closing this thread and shall be following-up with you regarding this inquiry through ticket ID#249444 when an update is available. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hello. My order verification is still pending. Can you help me?

ORDER # 10975321

Hello, Invisible. We have responded to your email accordingly.

if you can help me please those are my orders both o pending



Hi Carry.jeff,

We would like to inform you that the payment for the order is currently pending for review and verification. Please do check your email for the latest update and you may send us an email at if you need any further assistance.

my account is not verified yet on g2g site can anybody tell me how to verified my account on g2g they said give your photo id card i send them my portrat photo for verfication document?

and when my verification document is expired and send them again my real photo national card 

Hi Arsal,

Please be informed that your seller account ( ID: 2456149 ) is verified. You may check your account status by login into your G2G account. Should you have any further inquiries, please do email to for assistance.

Thank you

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