verification pending

i just buy my @cash e-pin. i am new buyer and affraid. can anyone help me, admin you here?

here my order number 9330654

my verification is pending. help me

Your order is completed and delivered now.

it's happen again, help with new order number

Ticket ID: 192869

thats my ticket

Hello, Aliefan. Your order is completed and delivered now.

Hello. My order verification is still pending. Can you help me?

Hello, Arnas. Your order 9340374 is completed and delivered.

9343926 can you complete

Hello, Ryztol. Your order is completed and delivered now.

10002716 help pending, complete please.

Hello Amadeo,

Please send your payment receipt image so we may escalate order for payment clearance.

10078707 is still pending .. :(

also 10079560 is pending ,, help

Hi Wessam,

Order 10078707 has been completed, you may view the code through the order page accordingly.  As for order 10079560, we have notified the payment verifying team to review the order soonest possible.

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