[OffGamers] New Order #9217823

Why is my order cancelled? Please enlighten me and make sure nothing's credited to me. This is my first time here my friends recommended this site but this happens?

Hello. Rae. It seems like our system is not able to take your order with credit card/ PayPal and the payment will be reflected back to your bank account.

So the problem is with my credit card then or your system is down? 

Perhaps you may try other payment methods is still available.

I would like to try my other credit cards but the credit card option is nowhere to be found. Only bank transfer and offline. Kindly help

As mentioned earlier, you can only try with other payment methods is still available.

how about this ORDER# 9218163 hbank is still offline how to pay this?

You can place a new order instead of an existing order.

Okay i will cancel this. When my bank opens at 6 I will place a fund transfer instead. Is this safe?

Yes. you can check our payment guide for more information.

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