What happen to my ticket regarding my amazon code have been redeem?Order# 9177322

I bought 20usd amazon code in bulk and 1 of code already been redeem.I send ticket already and they said they would investigate it and would takes 3/4 days.It been 5 days now and no news or what so ever,my patience seriously at it limit now.

Hi Makubex,

Currently, our CDK Team is still investigating your order issue and we hope they will done with their investigation within this week. Once the investigation is done, we will notify you via email. Please allow our CDK Team a bit more time. 

Thank you

I understand but i'm seriously expecting it get done by today.


We hope the same Maku. We appreciate your patience and support regarding this matter.

Hi Maku,

We noticed that your code issue has been solved. We will close this thread and deem issue resolved. Should you need any further assistance, please do email us at

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