Verifying ORDER id 9189185

Hello, I bought a battleping code 2 hours ago and it keeps saying "verifying". I bought it with Skrill (real money)

Kindly verify your Moneybookers email by login to your email. Thank you.

We are still waiting for you to verify your Moneybookers for order 9189185.

Like I said, I don't have Moneybookers account. It did not ask me to create an account when I was on checkout.

You may login to your registered email to verify the email that we sent to you.

You may check your spam or junk folder and kindly remove that sensitive information for your account safety

I already checked my spam/junk folder and i'ts empty. The only e-mails I received were the ones I showed.

We have resent to your email and you may have a check again.

I received the mail now and verified it.

Your order is completed and delivered now.

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