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Posted about 5 years by 3konly

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Hello, i received this message 'It seems you have logged in from a new device. New device pin sent to your email Just enter it below to continue. If you do not receive the email after five minutes, please check your junk mail folder.' I checked every folder and found nothing, can you send me the pin please, thank you.

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Ruzaini A.

Ruzaini A. posted over 2 years Admin

Hi Skye, 

We have responded your inquiries via ticket ID: 427858 as we have requested you to provide us some documents of the code issue for further escalation. Please reply back to the said ticket accordingly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Skye posted over 2 years

My pen and serial number say that it is invalid May I please have a new one sent to my email thank you

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3konly posted about 5 years

thank you for you're quick answer, however i dind't find any pin (you can see the joined picture). This is just a temporarily account i'am using, the one who need a pin is, thank you for help.

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Hill posted about 5 years Admin

We have responded to your email with device pin.

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