My account have been hacked and I have already cancelled my card.

Posted about 5 years by pbyoman

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Hello, I'm quite disappoint in offgamers as I have just been hacked from using this account in less than 2 week. I have emailed the issue I got a week ago and I still never get any email back. My account was hacked and someone use it to purchase something via offgamers. I cancelled my debit card immediately and this product status is on hold. 9132374 9132385 9132410 9132436 9132460 are orders by the hacker and I would like a refund. Please give me a feedback as soon as possible because I have been waiting for weeks without any feedback. Thanks

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Aiman posted about 5 years Admin

Kindly check with PayPal as our respective team will contact you directly through PayPal resolution centre regarding to this matter. We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

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