When will I receive my order?

It's been hours and I still haven't received anything. I got the invoice sent to my email but no product whatsoever. It's still verifying. Please check.

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I've also just updated my information to include first and last name.

Hi May,

It appears that your order has been processed and the code delivered to your OffGamers account. Kindly email us at should you need any assistance for the order.

i have the same problem, but with pending status.
i already contacted the support for many times but did not recieve any response.

I am waiting for 4 hours already

Hi Jimmy,

It seems your order 9182659 has been delivered accordingly. The delayed due to there is some issue with payment gateway when capturing your payment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Thank you

i have the same problem "Verifying"


Hello. Ehahzikooo. We have responded to your email accordingly

Same Problem here !

ORDER# 9312015

Hi there,

It seems that your order has been refunded by system upon your request previously. Kindly contact us at should you need any further assistance for the order.

Follow up with this order # 9380665

Hi Ryan,

We are sorry, as our respective team had cancelled the order due to failed verification. Kindly consider only the payment options shown at checkout if you wish to place a new order again.

the same problem...Why I have not received the invitation yet?

Hello, Inon. Your order is completed and delivered now.

My problem is the same, but my order is completed but i don´t have my product! Order:#10972325 Please Check!

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