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Posted about 5 years by Caner

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For a year,I have been trying with 5,AGAIN,5(five) different cards(visa,mastercard,maestro)and all I get is this error and because of this,I am using other sites to get what I need.Now I wanted to give it a go on this site for one time and again..frustration.WHY MY CARDS ARE GETTING DENIED ALL THE TIME HERE,WHILE ON OTHER SITES MY CARDS ARE NOT REJECTED.

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Aiman posted over 2 years Admin

Hi Abdi,

In regard of your inquiry, the payment for your recent orders shows as refused/declined by the payment processor. We suggest that you may contact your Bank/Card issuer for further assistance if you still unable to checkout using your Credit/Debit card.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

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Abdi posted over 2 years

Why my visa card could not proceed in this site?

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Alice posted about 5 years

Hi Caner,

We will close this thread and should you need any further assistance, please drop us an email at

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Aiman posted about 5 years Admin

Hi Caner,

Kindly email us at for our respective team to check your issue further.

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