Verifying order id 9144319

where is my Code i have buy it with online banking

1 person has this problem

have you been assisted? i still don't have mine 12 hours later...

Hi Thomas,

Your order 9144319 has been delivered and completed.

Thank you

same here
Order# 9166476
i ll make all change ..



Hi layaa,

Your order is delivered and completed previously. You may send us an email t for any enquiry.

Thank you

i have the same problem:

Order Number: 9182659

Hi Jimmy,

It seems your order 9182659 has been delivered accordingly. The delayed due to there is some issue with payment gateway when capturing your payment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Thank you

Mine hasn't finished yet .... 9209447 , 9209451


Your order is in the queue for checking by our respective team now. Once the checking is done, we will notify you via separate email.

Thank you

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