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 I brought 3 (three) Game pro Upoint card in offgamers web site and on time i try use this cards on the game i play they said all 3 (three) the pin is Invalid. i open ticket on the support ( first one look was deleted ) i send Email and no one give

any response to my problem, maybe in this forum someone can give any idea what i can do, my orders is 9055238 9055162 9055281 if someone  from Offgamers wanted check.


I have fix this trouble with the game look like in the site have a place for you put serial number ,but the correct is use the card number instead . please consider this request
solved .


Hi Joselia,

Regarding your code Issue, we advise for you to kindly submit to us a screen shot of the following in order for us to get this issue reported to the CDKey management so that they can investigate this issue with the publishers of the code as we have no direct access to the publisher's systems. 

1. Screen shot from the Offgamers order history page showing the CD Key product codes.
2. Screenshot of the error you received on your account during redemption 

Kindly send the screenshot to or The respective team will investigate the issue with the publisher/game developer once the required screenshots have been received.

Hi Joselia,

We will forward the information to the respective team, we will close this thread and deem issue resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

I bought a gift card and my pin was invalid, wgat cab i do about it

Hi Or, we have responded your latest order issue of invalid code/pin via ticket ID: 413023. Please check on our messages and replies via email accordingly by providing the requested details for escalation purposes. We suggest you to liaise further with us via ticket itself or you may create a new ticket to us on for further enquiries.

Thank you for understanding. 

I brought a neosurf voucher and the code is invalid

Hi Rebecca, We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: ( 563889) and further correspondence will be done via the email that we have replied. Thank you - Steve.

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