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Posted over 5 years by paypallshopping123

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I'm very disappointed .. its my first time using this website and it would be my last.

i have bought a voucher my order number is 9014183 and its status is verifying and i didn't gt anything from you till now . Although the money has already been taken from my bank.... i got another order number with the number of 9014181. but i made only one order!! so i don't understand why i have  ordered if i only made one .. so i cancelled the other one!!!!! plz help .. I'm worried that money is taken twice from my account !!!! and i want my voucher number for the card i bought ..otherwise i need my money back .. thats very bad experience and this must be addressed as soon as possible.

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Hill posted over 5 years Admin

We have responded to your email and you may check your email for the updates. However, we will proceed a refund back to you if you want to cancel your order.

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