order#8979557 - code not valid when entered

Dear offgamers, its been 3 days since i report my itunes card invalid code, until now im waiting for your reply but was dissapointed since no reply from your side. Please facilitate this problem as soon as possible, is there any chatroom i can contact a support?


We apologise for any inconvenience you faced while shopping with us. We hope you could bear with us while we are investigating your issue. We will notify you through ticket #178499 once there is any new update. Please do accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

any news regarding this issue? its almost 2 days, and its only a code in a game of 50$ how come its investigated for almost a week and still no answer from your side? its not even an item you bought in the shop if its defected u will received more than a week for return. its an invalid code how come it takes too much time to facilitate it? it shows it my attachement its an invalid. 

hello? any update for the invalid code? please facilitate it

Not at the moment, GLENN. We will notify you through ticket #178499 once there is any new update

Hello Glenn,

We will close this thread and any further update in regards to your order 8979557, we will notify you through ticket #178499. Thank you for your patience.

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